Start here. Ketone Ester 101 for pro cyclists. Best uses.

Start here. Ketone Ester 101 for pro cyclists. Best uses.


This podcast is with 2 unnamed pro world tour riders that wanted to hear how to optimize use of the KetoneAid ketone ester. We start from the very beginning, which is different then the other podcast with a pro rider that already had experience with them and was looking to optimize how he uses it (see that podcast). 

When a pro rider first asks me "how should I use these" I send them here. Otherwise the 1 hour call is exactly repeating 95% of this podcast. After listening to this, your questions can be more targeted about ketone ester and we can take things to the next level.

In this podcast we discuss the 3 best ways to use ketones

1) Recovery. This is easy and a no brainer. 

2) Altitude.

3) Hills and Mountains

All while fasted and the pros and cons of fasted workouts and races.

And the difficulty and risks with taking it pre-workout or during a race.

Frank LLosa

CEO KetoneAid

Even more details on our Protocols Page or ask the community on the KetoneAid Facebook page.


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