Do you ship internationally?

For orders under $500 we only ship to USA based addressed. However many people will order and have it sent to a friend in the US, and they forward it, or they use a mail forwarding service. Here is more info on mail forwarding: KetoneAid.com/forward also you can try TheFeed.com. For over $500 contact us directly.

Is a Ketogenic Diet Required? (No)

No it is not. Unlike the weaker Ketone Salts, the Ketone Ester can be used by non-Keto people.

What is the difference between Ketone Esters & Ketone Salts?

Two main differences. First, most Ketone Salts are “racemic” which means it is only 50% bioavailable (only half of it can be used by the body as fuel). Secondly, the Salts have a MASSIVE salt load, often buried under the lesser known salts like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Often exceeding 2-4 grams. Which is fine while entering a keto diet for a week, but after which, good luck getting your rings off.

Can this be used to increase deep sleep?

Yes! Not to help one go to sleep, but to increase deep sleep. See our Instagram page for dozens of Oura ring data showing results.

Should I use Ketone Ester when 1st entering a Keto Diet? (No!)

No we do not recommend trying to use Ketone Ester when first entering into a Ketogenic Diet. Too many variables and too likely you will get the Keto Flu and blame the drink. Instead, do it through the traditional 80% fat route. It can be used as part of a program led by a nutritionist.

What if I didn't notice anything? (are you sure?)

Do you guarantee I will like it?

Sure. We don’t scream about “110% Satisfaction Guaranteed” like some bogus supplements, because we didn’t want to look like them. It is pretty simple, if you don’t like it, let us know. Sure we would love a chance to help you tweak the protocol, but regardless, yes we will refund your small bottle order.

Can I save money by mixing it with MCT oil? (NO)

Sorry, we wish. But the ester and MCT C8 Oil compete with each other and the oil may block the ester, and oftentimes the mix leads to horrible GI, not seen with the ester alone.

Can I mix this with Caffeine?

Does the Ester tastes as bad as I've heard?

Is there a support group or forum?

Yes. We have hundreds of customers on our Facebook Group, join and see how others use it, and share protocols. They share what worked and what did NOT work!

Can I use this for One Meal A Day Fasting or Multi Day Fasting (Yes, yes)

OMAD Fasting

Multi Day Fasting

More on quality and clinical trials.