hard ketones - an alcohol alternative

"the mice were stumbling"

Hard Ketones offers a unique buzz without alcohol (nor THC, Kratom, Kava, or jungle herbal elixirs). They feature patented Ketohol (R 1,3 Butanediol). Originally researched by Dr. Veech for therapeutic use, because it elevates blood ketones, but he discarded it because "the mice were stumbling". Frank, the Hard Ketones Founder, a decade later revived the molecule and thought people might like a healthier buzz, that suppresses appetite with no hangover!

alcohol vs ketohol

Alcohol is obsolete


  • Buzz
  • Hangover
  • Disrupts Sleep
  • Makes You Hungry
  • Triggers Craving More
  • Converts in the Liver to a Toxin Called Acetaldehyde
  • Cheap Options
  • Familiar Alcohol Taste


  • Buzz
  • No Hangover
  • Improves Sleep
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Suppresses Craving More
  • Converts in the Liver to Ketones, a healthy molecule
  • Drink & eat less, save $
  • New/Acquired Taste

What critics and fans are saying

Please read these comments to see if Hard Ketones are right for you. They are an acquired taste and tends to work for most, but not all, e.g. ssris & kratom users

Frank LLosa, CEO Hard Ketones


All breathalyzers and urine tests will test for ethanol alcohol, or the byproduct acetaldehyde. So it will not show up. But you can still get a DUI (like you would for THC) so don't drive if impaired. As for blood tests, once a higher end blood test gave a false positive. It is best to show your employer/parole officer what you wish to take.

No. Hard Ketones are not for pregnant women or anyone under the age of 21.

Hopefully. Our dedicated R&D team is hard at work trying to make a low cal. NA beer (which is very tricky). Sign up for our newsletter to get the scoop on the latest and greatest.

We offer a No Buzz, No Pay guarantee.

Everyone's physiology is different. About 20% of people report not feeling the buzz. Please note that it may be less effective if you have a high alcohol tolerance and that Ketohol will not work for people taking SSRIs or kratom.


• Not for athletic performance. This is more of a relaxing drink. Maybe post workout.

• Do not drive if impaired.

• Not for pregnant women and not recommended for people under 21.

• Does not work for SSRIs, SNRIs, or Kratom users.