KetoneAid KE4 Single Bottle - Buy with Prime
KetoneAid KE4 Single Bottle - Buy with Prime

KetoneAid KE4 Single Bottle - Buy with Prime

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KE4 Pro is our top seller. It is super concentrated, with 50% Ketone Ester. Some will dilute it in a splash of cold water (optional). 

Many people use as little as 5ml of KE4 a day, which is $2.50 a day, so a 3 pack can last you 36 days. The average person takes double that, so it would last them 18 days.

KE4 costs less than premium ketone salts on a gram per effective gram basis. 

Elite athletes may use 1 bottle which is 30g of Ketone Ester (60ml of KE4), but that is usually overkill. Too much can be worse, see video for tutorial with pro riders. 

Disclaimer: Not intended for weight loss. This drink does not burn fat for you! Please watch this video explaining exogenous ketosis vs endogenous ketosis or this longer video on why all supplements don't tend to work for long term weight loss.

The "flavor" is called "Very Scary Cherry". It no longer tastes like rocket fuel when slightly diluted. It still doesn't taste like OJ, but more like cough medicine. Most are fine with it. If not, try our diluted, better tasting, KE1 drink or yummy Ketone Water. Compare KE4 to KE1 and SnakeWater. 

* This Ketone Ester is an ester bond of D- Beta Hydroxybutyrate and R 1,3 Butanediol. Also called Ketone Monoester. The main molecule used in 90% of exogenous ketone clinical trials. 
Other ingredients: Water, Allulose (non-GMO zero glycemic all natural sweetener), Organic Stevia, Natural Cherry Flavors, Potassium Sorbate (freshness).

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