TDeltaS vs KetoneAid Ketone Ester

TDeltaS vs KetoneAid Ketone Ester

Both KetoneAid and TDeltaS both sell a "real" Ketone Ester.

I say "real" because there are a couple of companies that claim to have ketone ester, but lab tests show absolutely no ester. Others claim to have ketone ester in powder form but they won't explain which molecule they have or how much. It likely is a cheap powder from China called an acetoacetate, racemic 1,3 butanediol di-ester and likely a "fairy dusty" where they put under 0.1g in the product.

Backstory: TDeltaS used to be the supplier to HVMN and their HVMN Ketone ester. However after 2 years letting HVMN launch the product, their license was revoked and TDeltaS decided to go direct with their own product (cough, something, cough). HVMN has not sold ester since early 2020 and were quoted in a news article that they will no longer carry the product and focus on their other products (MCT oil, bars, caffeine pills etc).

Both TDeltaS and KetoneAid use the same Ketone Monoester (KME), which has dozen names including D-BHB Ester, and D Beta Hydroxybutyrate / D 1,3 Butanediol Ester.

TDeltaS has two products.

  1. DeltaG, with 25 grams of D form ketone ester they dub "DeltaG" in 60ml of total liquid. Some incorrectly say this is the "same formula" as the HVMN Ketone Ester. But that is a joke. The big difference is this product has 3 grams of carbs. Thus eliminating it from replacing the HVMN Ketone in scientific studies. Who wants fast fruit based carbs in a ketone drink? Maybe some athletes looking to dual fuel. I don't know. This is sweetened with monk fruit and stevia.
  2. DeltaH, with 10 grams of "DeltaG" in it. I know confusing right? This version has 10 grams of ketone ester, and much more water, and does NOT have carbs in it. 

KetoneAid has three products.

  1. KE4 with 30 grams of D form ketone ester in 60ml of total liquid. Thus delivering 20% more ester per bottle. And at 20% less per bottle, it comes to 30-40% less expensive per gram of active ketones, which is what matters. This is sweetened with Stevia and Allulose, a zero glycemic index carb. Many people only take 5-10ml of KE4 (about $2-5 worth)
  2. KE1 a blend of ketone ester, and reduced salt ketone salt (80% less salt load than most ketone salts, per gram of ketone). This has 5 grams of active D form or "BioBHB"(tm) ketones per 60ml bottle. The ketone breakdown is half ester, half D salt. This has 6x more water and is much more palatable. Some call it enjoyable, but not as good as a sugar drink. This is sweetened with only Monk Fruit, for those that are Stevia sensitive. 10ml of KE4 is comparable to 1 bottle of KE1.
  3. SnakeWater, Ketones and Carbs! Oh my! Similar to KE1 in the type of ketones and concentration and cost per gram of ketones. But delivered in 2 servings per bottle. This drink adds the kitchen sink. Several nootropics and ingredients we think augment ketones. Including a slow carb called Isomaltulose and a non-caffeine, but related ingredient called Theacrine. This video is a deep dive of the ingredients.

    For more of the backstory of Dr. Richard Veech and his 30 year quest to make the ketone ester, read Travis Christofferson's Ketones, the Fourth Fuel.


    Frank LLosa

    CEO KetoneAid



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