Exogenous Ketones do NOT put you into REAL Ketosis

Exogenous Ketones do NOT put you into REAL Ketosis

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Defining "Ketosis". The misleading claims around drinking ketones.

Ketosis is often misunderstood. Technically there is "Ketosis" and there is "Ketoneogenesis". 99% of consumers just call it "Ketosis". These are the 2 types

  1. Ketone in your blood as tested with a ketone blood meter and (Ketosis)
  2. When your body burns fat and you make ketones endogenously. (Ketoneogenesis)

These should be renamed (scientists, please start using these terms in new ketone related papers)

  1. Exogenous Ketosis
  2. Endogenous Ketosis 

Many companies will market their products as helping you "get back into ketosis". They are referring the #1 above, but the consumer hears and thinks #2 above. They think they drink ketones and they are burning fat. When it actually SKIPS the fat burning stage and puts ketones in your blood. 

I at least 2 times a day have to correct somebody that says they want the product to "put me back into ketosis." But using that definition you can eat a cake and then eat ketones and still be in "ketosis". You will NOT lose weight eating sugary cake.

Now, hyper technically, you might be able to use ketones to help you skip meals or do multi day fasts and THAT will trigger endogenous ketone production, but that isn't what these marketing companies are going after in their misleading advertising.

For a video on why you should NOT use ketone ester or ketone salts, or MCT oil or any supplements to lose weight, watch this.


Frank LLosa

CEO KetoneAid

Disclaimer: We do not advertise anywhere that drinking ketones puts you "into ketosis". However dozens of companies make this misrepresentation and then the consumer ends up buying KetoneAid because it is better, and sometimes they feel mislead, even though we never made those claims. Sorry that others are poisoning the well with misleading information.

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