Hard Ketones, 1 version with Sucralose and why.

Hard Ketones, 1 version with Sucralose and why.

Introducing a new, Hard Ketones Ginger Mule, now with Sucralose, a sweetener known for its presence in Coke Zero and sold under the name Splenda. Sucralose significantly enhances flavor by reducing the inherent bitterness associated with Ketohol, our main active ingredient. This variant is a complement, not a replacement, to our line up of Hard Ketone drinks. 3 of the 4 flavors are Sucralose-Free.

I discuss more about the "TASTE" hurdles in this blog post, and tips for making it taste better. 

This version is much more palatable taste with 75% less bitterness, this edition aims to offer an improved taste experience without sugar. 

HATE Sucralose?

We understand the reservations some have towards artificial sweeteners, fueled by claims of potential health risks (ie DNA Damage see video saying the headlines are overblown and a video saying to avoid it). Our commitment to transparency ensures that the inclusion of Sucralose is clear and upfront, while others tend to hide the ingredient. Despite debates around Sucralose, our exploration of natural alternatives has yet to find a viable option that masks the Ketohol's strong taste at a 7% concentration as effectively.

For those averse to Sucralose but indifferent to the Hard Ketone's bitter taste, our original Stevia-sweetened Pina Colada, and G&T remains available. Also we have unsweetened version called Dr. Up where you can Doctor Up your own flavors and sweeteners.


Frank LLosa,

CEO, Hard Ketones


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