Dr. Up! Recipes for a Make Your Own Hard Ketones Drink

Dr. Up! Recipes for a Make Your Own Hard Ketones Drink

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Flavor is so subjective. Some found our drinks too sweet, others found them too bitter, others hate hate hate Stevia and 0 calorie sweeteners. Customers asked for just the raw ingredient, like a bottle with 32 shots of Rum, but we aren't ready for that yet (many reason). So we made an 8oz drink with no sweeteners and no added flavoring, just 17g of Ketohol. The only remaining flavor is "Nasty". So bad that many will applaud what we were able to do with the Mule, G&T and Pina Colada.

But if you are willing to add sucralose, it is fairly easy to "Make Your Own". Before we launched this, we sent 40 customers some sample Dr. Up and they shared their recipes on our Facebook Group. Here are the best.

Three from JB Glossinger:

  1. 4oz  Pineapple Margarita Mix from Mr & Mrs T Comment: "The taste of this is off the charts... I could drink these all day."
  2. Monday brand NA Whiskey & 2-4oz Ginger Ale or Whiskey & 2-4oz Coke
  3. Add 4oz Grapefruit Juice. Comment: Home run... this one is delicious…

From Greg Mahler:

  • 3 oz of Refresh Me Mojito Sugar Free Drink Mixer.

From Tony Jura:

  1. 3/4 scoop of Re-LYTE hydration watermelon lime flavor OR
  2. 1 oz of Cranberry juice without sugar & 1 tbsp In The Raw Optimal Zero calorie sweetener blend. (erythritol, allulose, stevia and monk fruit).
Comment: "This flavor combination was very good. Maybe I could have added a little more sweetener to make it sweeter. But, I really enjoyed the taste and kind of tasted like a cranberry and vodka drink."

    From Mageline Michael:

    • 4 squirts of Stur Coconut Pineapple flavoring (with sucralose)
    Comment: "It came out decent. I might want to try the soda stream cola concentrate next time"

    From Bill Kostka:

    • 1 Tbsp of Torani Sugar Free Strawberry syrup

    Comment: "tasted fine to me but had to add a bit more sweetener for my wife’s liking"


    From Jen Hefley:

    • 3 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
    • 1.5 oz fresh squeezed orange juice (in place of triple sec)
    • 2 tbsp agave syrup
    Comment: "This was fantastic- I could drink it all day! The acidity of the lime pairs with the sweetness of orange and agave perfectly to block the ketohol right out! I had to double check to make sure I had put it in there lol!"

    From Michael DeCota:

    • Lime and lemon juice and Swerve for Sweetness

    Comment: "I was unable to taste any ketone nastiness with this mix."

     From Kevin Thieneman:  4 oz. Apple juice, 4 oz. Apple seltzer. Comment: "Awesome"

    From David Izquierdo
    • Kentucky 74 Bourbon (Spiritless) 4 oz

    Comment:  Definitely gave a little kick to the Kentucky 74, and tastes pretty much the same. Definitely added a buzz.

    From Julie Akens

    1. Splenda + 2 packets of True Lime Citrus OR
    2. Splenda + 2 packets of Walmart brand Blackberry Lemonade Powder 
    Result: "Both were just okay, flavor wise, but did mask the ketohol taste sufficiently."
    From Tobias Lodemann
    • ~3oz coconut milk
    • 1 lime
    • monk fruit powder to sweeten
    • Comment: "Attempt was decent but still tasted bitter (maybe increase coconut milk next time)"

    Thank you everyone. I hope others can add in the comments what worked for them and what did NOT work! 

    Best of luck with Dr. Up!

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