Hard Ketones: Taste? #2 of 3 Top Questions (#1 Price & #3 Buzz)

Hard Ketones: Taste? #2 of 3 Top Questions (#1 Price & #3 Buzz)

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The top 3 questions that come up time and time again on the Facebook adds and online reviews are #1 PRICE, #2 TASTE, #3 BUZZ.

#2: About the Taste! Why does Amazon show 2.5 stars!

Let's be real: our drinks aim for "pretty good," not "out-of-this-world amazing." They're sugar-free, with no artificial sweeteners, and we work hard to mask 17 grams of Ketohol that's, well, not the tastiest. We avoid Sucralose and cane sugar for good reasons, and we maximize Ketohol so you can drink fewer and keep costs down (see Price blog). Update 2-1-2024: Soon some of the drinks will have Sucralose (like Splenda) because some people hate Stevia.

People's tastes vary wildly. Some say our drinks are too sweet, others too bitter. Others notice an aftertaste. It's a bit like the Diet Coke vs. regular Coke debate – you can't please everyone. Also weve noticed that about 1 in 10 people are supertasters, and can detect and hate the Ketohol despite the flavoring, and for them, it's a no-go, unless they doctor it up with massive levels of sweetness, like with Splenda.

Why Ginger Mule and G&T, you ask? If you're not a fan of ginger or traditional G&Ts, you won't fall for ours either. We chose these unique flavors because their strong profiles help mask the Ketohol. When we tried a lemon seltzer, it was laughably horrible.

Not your cup of tea? Make it yours! Our drinks are RTD, but don't let that stop you from experimenting. A squeeze of lime, some Splenda, sugar, or maple syrup – these additions have turned skeptics into fans. And we're excited about our upcoming unflavored, unsweetened 8oz option for the mixologists out there.

Frank's Favorites? I personally love the Pina Colada – it's subtly sweet with no aftertaste and, for me, beats other RTDs hands down, even high sugar mocktails. Then comes the G&T with its pinecone-esque bitterness. The Mule's my last pick, but hey, it beats the G&T when it comes to returns. However a couple of grapefruit powder packets (here) transform the G&T, and a fresh lime does wonders for the Mule. No tweaks for the Pina Colada yet, but I'm all ears.

Other Tips: Our drinks contain bitter blockers. Some reviewers who initially weren't fans found that the drink grew on them as the blocker kicked in. Plus, the more you drink, the more you might appreciate the functional benefits – like the buzz without the hangover and getting off alcohol in general.

So, about the taste: keep expectations modest and you might just be pleasantly surprised. But remember, it's more about function than flavor. We offer a 1-of- each trial pack if taste is #1 for you.

And if it's not for you, we've got you covered with a refund guarantee. Try it, tweak it, or leave it – the choice is yours!


Frank LLosa 

CEO Hard Ketones

Now on to Price and BUZZ

Ps. Please leave your comments here on what you thought about the taste. Hate it, love it? And what doctoring have you done?

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