Ketone Ester and the human brain. How it works. Clinical trials reviewed.

Ketone Ester and the human brain. How it works. Clinical trials reviewed.

Vous lisez Ketone Ester and the human brain. How it works. Clinical trials reviewed. 2 minutes Suivant KetoneAid KE4 vs HVMN Ketone IQ (and HVMN Version 1.0)


Youtube video discussing 2 papers that focus on human brains and ketone ester

Ketones enter the brain and are the preferred fuel.

Sport may be our main focus, but almost half of our customers buy ketone esters for their brain. Whether it is a CEO trying to increase productivity by skipping lunch and remaining mentally sharp for the 2nd half of the day, or even college students using it instead of Ritalin. 

Paper #1 Intermittent Running and Cognitive Performance after Ketone Ester Ingestion. (2018 Brendan Egan et.alvideo presentation) (Note: KE4 was supplied)Ketone Esters Athletes, Smarter than Placebo

Conclusion: Ketone Ester group was EQUALLY as sharp at the end of an intense workout, as the start. Think 4th quarter quarterback.

Paper #2 Diet modulates brain network stability, a biomarker for brain aging, in young adults. (2020 Mujica-Parodia et al) Paper explained by Dr. Mary Newport here.

Conclusion: Ketone Ester is the brain's preferred fuel source.

Note that these papers were not necessarily optimized. The 1st paper used non keto athletes, in a non-keto fed state, and they gave them boluses of glucose along the way. Hopefully one day they can test again with just ketones to see if the brain actually improves over the course of the event. And the 2nd was standard diet vs keto diet vs standard diet with ketone esters. Hopefully they will retest with a keto or low carb diet and ketone esters. The 2nd paper also showed  ketone levels lasts over 3x longer in your brain than your blood. (video explainer).

In my opinion Ketones are only 50% of the equation.
The other 50% is cutting down the sugar and fast carbs.


Frank LLosa

CEO KetoneAid

Bonus: Watch Bob Troia, Biohacker hit 30% gains in his N of 1 experiment, using megadosing (blog version with data)



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