different ketones, different results.


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Beware of "Fake Ketones"! Many claim to be "backed by science," as they engage in misleading "science hijacking" - using Ketone (Mono)Ester clinical findings as if it were for their inferior ketones. Stick to the science-backed Ketone (Mono)Ester if you want to experience the results of what other Fake Ketones claim.

Secret Sauce of Champions + Everyday People... I feel better overall on the days that I use it—and have improved energy along with mental clarity.

Dr. Lori Tindall

not all ketones are created equal

different ketones, different results

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US Military Grants

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ketone (mono)ester



$16 Million+







~$2.50 (Ke4)

R 1,3 Butanediol









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A brief history

Ketone Ester R&D

The late Dr. Richard Veech, a ketone research pioneer and Ketone Ester inventor, made significant strides with his 1969 paper alongside Nobel laureate Hans Krebs (Kreb's cycle). This work crucially influenced today's ketone ester applications, bridging early bioenergetics insights to contemporary health and performance solutions. Consider reading Ketones The Fourth Fuel about his life.


No, it is not. Unlike the weaker Ketone Salts, the Ketone Ester can be used by non-Keto people.

Further explanation by Frank can be found here.

Not for kids and pregnant women. Seek medical advice if used outside of sport.

No. No. No. We strongly discourage people from buying ANY exogenous ketones for weight loss. None will burn fat for you, and it is not real "ketosis".

Video on Ketosis

Video on Not for Weightloss.

Two main differences. First, most Ketone Salts are “racemic” which means it is only 50% bioavailable (only half of it can be used by the body as fuel).

Secondly, the Salts have a MASSIVE salt load, often buried under the lesser known salts like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Often exceeding 2-4 grams. Which may be fine while entering a keto diet for a week, but after which, good luck getting your rings off. Watch video explainer.

Yes, except Mexico. EU orders ship from the EU and do not include the heavier items like KetoneWater and SnakeWater 12oz. All 4 flavors of the Hard Ketones are available.

Non-EU orders ship from the USA and can be very expensive to ship the heavier items.

It depends on where you live.

USA orders (by 12 noon) process on the same business day, from Memphis TN. It will usually take 3-7 business days to arrive with Economy Shipping.

EU orders ship from the EU. Usually arriving within 4 business days. Long street addresses are the #1 cause for delays (up to 4 days). Limit 35 characters for street addresses.

Non-EU overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 10-45+ days.

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