R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.
R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.
R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.
R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.
R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.
R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.
R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.

R 1,3 by Hard Ketones (Pre-Order Batch 2) Ketogenic Alcohol.

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Update 11-28-2021 Batch 1 is sold out. 

Now Pre-orders for Batch 2 (50% sold out) Shipping out by Dec 12th 2021. USA only. 

MUST BE 21 and OVER to order and signature required on delivery. Redirect to a Walgreens or nearby FedEx if easier. 

Note we are learning how to ship large amounts of water. It is a balance between cans leaking and huge wasteful packaging. Also the actual FedEx rates are 4-10x higher then we are charging for now. Everything will go UPS/Fedex Ground.

World's First Ketogenic Alcohol

Patent Pending, "R 1,3" by Hard Ketones LLC

  • 1 Free trial (just pay $10 s/h) code: R13FreeTrial. 1 per HH, new to R 1,3 customers only. Details below **. 
  • 6 pack - $59 (~$9.80 a can, $0.95 per gram of R1,3 BD)
  • 24 pack - $180 (~$6.50 a can. 72¢ per gram of R 1,3BD)
  • BULK 48 pack- $285 (~$5.95 a can. 57¢ per gram of R 1,3BD) 40% less than the ester.

This 12oz seltzer drink contains 10.4 grams, or 3%, of R 1,3 Butanediol (also called D 1,3)

No Sugar, No carbs, only 73 calories. Lightly sweetened with MonkFruit and Stevia.

What is R 1,3 Butanediol?

  • Technically an alcohol, but not ethanol alcohol. (yes you get a buzz)
  • It is 1/2 of the Ketone Ester molecule. Ketone ester is D-BHB attached to this same R 1,3 Butanediol. When Ketone Ester is consumed it enters the bloodstream and it breaks into 2 parts. D-BHB and R 1,3.  
  • All Natural and 100% bioidentical, so we call it "R" or "D".
  • It goes through the liver and makes D-BHB, similar to MCT C8, but 80% fewer calories and raises blood ketones 5x more per gram.
  • Not for increased performance, more for a relaxed state. Do not operate heavy machinery. 

Dom D'Agostino talks about 1,3 Butanediol here and said:

"In the early 1960s into the '70s, NASA looked at high energy dense space food, synthetic space food. And they looked at things like 1,3-Butanediol, which is one step away from a ketone, but it converts very rapidly to ketones in the body. And they didn't really know what to call it, you know. It was not an [ethanol] alcohol, it was a glycol or a diol."

When NASA considered this molecule, it was synthetic, nasty tasting and in the racemic form, the D/L or R/S form, which was half as effective. This is the 100% bioavailable form and tastes like a typical hard seltzer.

Buzz With BHB

This is an amazing breakthrough in alcoholic beverages! It has R 1,3 Butanediol.

All drinkable alcohol today is ethanol based. Beer, vodka, wine, all are ethanol.

Compare Ethanol Alcohol vs R 1,3 Butanediol Alcohol

  1. Ethanol converts in the liver to a toxic by-product.
    By contrast, R 1,3 Butanediol converts to D-BHB, a longevity molecule your body naturally produces after fasting or a keto diet.
  2. Ethanol makes you more hungry.
    R 1,3 Butanediol makes D-BHB, an appetite suppressant. Consider skipping dinner!
  3. Ethanol kicks you out of ketosis.
    R 1,3 Butanediol is truly ketogenic and will raise blood ketones 1.5-2mm per can.


  1. Not recommended for athletic performance. This is more of a relaxing drink. Maybe post race.
  2. 21 and over. Fedex/UPS adult signature required.
  3. Do not drive if you are intoxicated.

Brought to you by Hard Ketones LLC, a sister company to KetoneAid Inc

USA Only

If you think this is as cool as we think it is, please spread the word!

Free Trial Cyber Monday trial details.

- Code: R13FreeTrial

- 1 per Household. New to R 1,3 customers only.

- We charge $10 shipping (actual cots is $15).

- Don't combine with another item (even a book), because it ships from another location.

- Expires Monday night.. 

- USA only (continental US) 

- This is still a pre-order for batch #2. Ships out by Dec 10th. 

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