PRE-ORDER KE1 Ketone Ester & Ketone Salt Mix - 18 Pack (DILUTED VERSIO – KetoneAid
PRE-ORDER KE1 Ketone Ester & Ketone Salt Mix - 18 Pack (DILUTED VERSION) $5 a bottle

PRE-ORDER KE1 Ketone Ester & Ketone Salt Mix - 18 Pack (DILUTED VERSION) $5 a bottle

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Estimated Delivery in mid February 2020.

KetoneAid NEWEST Drink. Small Batch Run with Limited Quantity. $5 a bottle.

Introducing KE1.

This formula is MUCH more diluted vs KE4 with 5g of active BioBHB(tm) D-Ketones.

  • 50% D-Ketone Ester (2.5grams)
  • 25% D-BHB Ketone Free Acid (1.25g)
  • 25% D-BHB Ketone Salt (1.25g)

KE1 has 87% less total salt load versus racemic Ketone Salts.

KE1 has 75% less total salt load versus non Racemic Ketone Salts.

The taste is still not pleasant yet, but more of a neutral diluted taste. The next version will actually taste "pretty good". 

Each serving contains 1 diluted 60ml with 5 grams of active D-Ketones (similar to 10ml of KE4). This is comparable, but more effective, versus 1 serving of racemic ketone salts, with 87% less total salt (not just sodium).

The cost per gram of active ketone is nearly the same as KE4.

This product is an introductory product for the most part for those that can't afford KE4, or can't take the strong taste of KE4.

Select athletes may prefer this drink because of the salt load. We have frequently advocated that athletes increase their salt consumption while using KE4, now with KE1, it include the salt.

Approximate salt load is 250mg Sodium, 150mg Postassium, 50 Magnesium, 50mg Calcium. (this may change)


Product will be refunded in the event the order can not be filled by the end of Jan 2020.

This set was 20 units, but we realized it wouldn't fit into a flat rate envelope so we changed it to 18. Same $5 each. 


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