Warning: HVMN Fake Ketones. Don't fall for the marketing hype.

Warning: HVMN Fake Ketones. Don't fall for the marketing hype.

HVMN Fake Ketones


There are a few companies out there like HVMN that are claiming to be as good as, or better than "Ketone Ester" when it comes to sports performance and exogenous ketones. Don't fall for their marketing tricks. The Ketone Ester is still the King of Ketones. All the science is on Ketone Esters.

They use tricks like

Lie: "The special forces use ketones, you should buy our HVMN Ketone IQ product." 
Truth: Yes HVMN got a contract with the special forces. This is impressive, but it was to study the ketone ester, NOT the product they are trying to sell as a replacement or 2.0. They no longer sell ketone ester (they lost the license).

Lie: "60% of the Tour De France teams used HVMN Ketone" 

Truth: That statement may have been true 3 years ago, when they had ketone ester. Now they have an inferior diol, or alcohol, that they try and pass off as being better, but not one team uses this product in the TDF. So it is very misleading, and qualifies as an outright lie.

Lie: Science highjacking. Taking papers that use Ketone Esters and making the leap that their product also raises ketones, therefore the same result can be assumed.

Truth: This is misleading. It may or may not work and the reported effects of being intoxicated might change the results if the trial was done with a non ketone ester product.

Here is a podcast with Ben Greenfield where I explain the difference between a real ketone ester and a fake ketone that claims similar results.

I could go on and on, but hopefully above is enough to call BS. If not watch these third party "Fake Ketones" podcasts: 

A second video on "Fake Ketones"

Fake Ketones from HVMN


Thanks! I hope it makes sense now. If not, here is a customer of ours that tried 2 other fake ketones. 

Frank LLosa

CEO KetoneAid


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